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This form need only be signed once per immediate family. Upon submission, we will calculate your total tuition cost including all applicable fees/discounts and send an email confirmation of your total. 

Fees and Discounts

Registration Fee • Due per family


Family Multiple Class Bundle Discount

First, most expensive class full price.

Every other class tuition cost is discounted by 30% for all registered siblings.

(Not applicable to class/costume fees.)

Filmmaking / Animation Fee

(per class)


Photography Fee


Drums Equipment Fee


Guitar Book Fee


Performance Group Fee

See Class Info for Costume Fees

"Payments are calculated on a school year basis and then divided by 9 months to create a consistent monthly payment regardless of the number of classes in any given month. This helps with budgeting for you as well as Circle.

Payments are to be made by the first of each month and run from September through May. Payments may be made through Paypal via the website (

Check or cash payments may be made at the school. Checks may be deposited in the box near the entrance, but cash payments must be given to a representative so that a receipt for your records can be issued.

Checks can be made out to our legal name, "CMM" (Courtyard Media Ministries), "Circle," "Circle Christian Arts Academy," or "CCAA." We require a card to be put on file with us even if you are planning on paying via another method of payment.

Invoicing will be sent each month to the email listed below.

Please select all classes your children are registering for and we will calculate your monthly tuition amount due at the beginning of each month upon receiving this form and email your total tuition plus any applicable class/costume fees. Tuition will be due for all classes for the year even if a class is dropped, unless it is dropped within the grace period. Unforeseen circumstances that necessitate classes being dropped (for example: chronic illness, family move, etc.) will of course be considered a legitimate reason and there will be no continuing charge unless there is a remaining balance for classes already taken.

By signing below, you are agreeing to these terms."

Select​ Classes Below:

How are you planning on paying?

By signing and submitting this form, I confirm I have thoroughly read and agree to the above terms.

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