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Rehearsal Schedule


Fri, 5 - SHOW 1 (7PM)

4:30-9pm - ALL CALL


Sat, 6 - SHOW 2 (2PM),

SHOW 3 (6PM)

12:30-8pm - ALL CALL

8:30pm - Cast Party



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• Day 1-2: Review all songs you've learned, then practice all dances you're in (without singing), review all lines you already know, look over lines for next rehearsal

• Day 3-4: Review all songs/dances you've learned (practice singing and dancing together), run review and new lines with friend/family member

• Day 5:

• Day 6: Write out notes, where your character is coming from/going to, etc. from rehearsal and review new lines/songs

• Don't neglect taking one day off a week to rest from work!

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Quick Note: These digital script and piano/vocal book PDFs are the original, unedited versions - any edits made in your paper script will be applied in our rehearsals and any inappropriate lines/lyrics/songs will not be included in our production


Contact us

Text • ‭(941) 920-3262

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Parents are invited to attend our after-rehearsal wrap meetings with the cast around 2:30pm on Saturdays
in the sanctuary to stay
better in-the-loop.




This riotous comedy follows Mole, Rat, Badger, and the impulsive Mr. Toad, whose insatiable need for speed lands him in serious trouble. With his beloved home under threat from the notorious Chief Weasel and his gang of sinister Wild Wooders, Toad must attempt a daring escape leading to a series of misadventures and a heroic battle to recapture Toad Hall!



Jordan Diego

The ever cautious homebody turned brave adventurer. When spring arrives, he leaves his cozy underground home and never looks back. Mole is young, and he comes of age and finds himself when he meets up with Rat and agrees to stay with Rat on the river. At first, Mole is jealous and impulsive: for instance, the first time Rat takes Mole on a boat, Mole tries to take the oars and row despite not knowing how. And later, Mole becomes frustrated that Rat won’t take him into the Wild Wood and so decides to go there alone. But when Mole makes these mistakes and has to suffer the consequences, he promptly learns his lesson and accepts Rat’s attempts to mentor him. Through this, Mole becomes increasingly polite and loyal to Rat. He loves life on the river, and only feels homesick when he and Rat return to his cluttered and neglected burrow. By the time Mole meets Toad, Mole is still interested in adventure and exploration, but he’s far more mature about it than Toad is. Mole and Rat only join Toad on the caravan excursion because Mole wants to go, so Rat agrees they should both go to make him happy. Then, as Toad becomes obsessed with cars, Mole helps assist Badger and Rat as they spearhead an intervention to try to get Toad give up his addiction. When the friends retake Toad Hall, Mole is assigned supporting tasks—and gets lots of praise for thinking outside the box.


Micah Hostetler

The first creature that Mole meets on the riverbank. Rat lives in a neat, well-furnished home built into the riverbank and loves nothing more than being out on his boat in the river. Though Rat is wealthy and respected, he’s extremely modest and is willing to generously help anyone who needs it. So, when Mole shows up across the river, he doesn’t hesitate to take Mole on a picnic and then invite Mole to be his roommate so he can teach him how to live on the river. Indeed, Rat becomes a mentor to both Mole and Toad. He teaches Mole how to boat, swim, and safely navigate the Wild Wood; and along with Badger, he’s an instrumental figure in trying to make Toad see the error of his ways and give up cars. Part of Rat’s willingness to help intervene with Toad, though, does have to do with Rat’s extreme preference for a quiet river life. He sees cars as rudely and violently intruding on the life he’s built for himself. But Rat also wants to please his friends and hates disappointing people, so he often gets drawn into situations he’d rather not, such as when Toad convinces him and Mole to join him in a caravan journey. Though he’s very practical and is always well prepared for any situation, Rat is also a romantic. When he’s not boating or picnicking, Rat is often writing poetry or just talking about how much he loves his life on the river.


Ainsley Smith

One of Rat, Badger, Mole, and Toad’s friends. She’s not a wealthy lady like her friends, though; rather, her character is based off of Cockney street vendors. She’s confident and headstrong, but she is always willing to support and protect her friends. Otter is always the first to know about any gossip circulating on the riverbank. She has an energetic young daughter named Portia who she struggles to keep an eye on.


Alivia Emrich

Mrs. Otter’s young daughter who has an appetite almost as large as her mouth. Despite her mother’s best efforts to keep her close by, at one point, she goes missing for days. This is concerning because Portia doesn’t yet know how to swim well and the Wild Wooders are notorious for kidnapping innocent animals who venture too close to their borders.


Tristen Nelson

One of Rat, Toad, and eventually Mole’s good friends. He’s a wealthy older gentleman who lives in the heart of the Wild Wood, in an extensive underground home that uses elements of a human city that used to exist where the Wild Wood sits now. Among those who live along the riverbank or in the Wild Wood, Badger is universally respected. No one dares go against what he says, and even poor animals like the young hedgehogs like and respect Badger, and trust that if they ever need a warm meal or refuge from the cold, Badger will gladly help them. Badger is so respected in the community that he can effectively do whatever he likes. Rat explains that Badger is extremely shy and isn’t at all interested in extending or accepting dinner invitations; in fact, he prefers to keep to himself. And while this kind of behavior would be seen as rude in another animal, with Badger it’s just accepted that he’ll show up if and when he wants to, not before. Badger was friends with Toad’s father, so he takes a great deal of interest in Toad’s bad behavior and spearheads the effort to stage an intervention when Toad becomes obsessed with cars. Later, Badger leads the effort to retake Toad Hall from the weasels and stoats, and he’s an instrumental force in convincing Toad to finally change his ways.


Hannah Gatanis

The self-appointed leader of the
Wild Wooders (foxes, weasels, and stoats).
Though Chief has found general success among his/her fellow vagrants, Chief longs for more. Envious of the civilized, rich animals on the river bank (Toad in particular), and fed up with being looked down on by others, Chief devises a plan to get Toad thrown in prison for life house, so the Wild Wooders can storm Toad’s house, Toad Hall.


Sophia Weaver

The ever mischievous female stoat who’s always looking for a little trouble. Sheryl is Chief’s best friend and a bit of a rival to Les who is Chief’s second in command. Nevertheless, she is willing to play nice (for the most part), just so long as she’s allowed to be a part of the wild parties which the Wild Wooders are known for throwing. When things get out of hand, or some poor bystander accidentally wanders too close to their turf, you can rest assured Sheryl will be there with a slew of Wild Wooders in tow to back up her rascally plans.


Lila Hostetler

Every villain needs a sidekick henchman and Chief Weasel has the best in town. Lesser Weasel does the Chief’s bidding, and in return Les is seen as the ‘second in command’ among the Wild Wooders gang of fellow foxes, weasels, and stoats. Les doesn’t always agree with Chief’s choices, and every once in a while voices a concern, but every time when push comes to shove Les respects Chief’s authority.


Faith Viera

The spunky and sweet young girl who takes over guarding Toad from her father while Toad is in prison. She’s a pretty and kind young woman who loves animals as pets, though she doesn’t share this with Toad. Eventually, she develops sympathy for Toad and helps him escape by devising a plan with her
washerwoman aunt.

Remaining Cast
Aaron Santiago
Mr. Squirrel + Squirrel Pit Crew Ens, Car Driver, Guard, Wild Wooders Ens, Police Officer 3

Luis Alonzo
Mr. Hedgehog, Chief Magistrate, Michael (Head Chorister Field Mouse), Wild Wooders Ens

Jazlyn Diego
Mrs. Hedgehog, Swallow 3, Rabbit Footmen Ens, Wild Wooders Ens, Dancing Mice Ens

Jianna Diego
Child Hedgehog 1, Wild Wooders Ens, Rabbit Footmen Ens

Makaley Winters
Child Hedgehog 2, Lady Rabbit/Rabbit Footmen Ens, Wild Wooders Ens

Julianna Bartruff
First Stoat/Wild Wooder, Rabbit Footmen Ens

Taleah Palacios
Vole, Beth (Field Mouse), Wild Wooders Ens, Rabbit Footmen Ens

Hannah Paul
Wild Wooders Ens, Rabbit Footmen Ens, Squirrel Pit Crew Ens

Ella Case
Wild Wooders Ens, Rabbit Footmen Ens, Squirrel Pit Crew Ens

Shepard Emrich
Second Stoat, Tommy (Field Mouse), Police Officer 4, Rabbit Footmen Ens

Abel Hutson
Fox Reporter, Ben (Field Mouse), Kingfisher, Wild Wooders Ens

Xavier Alonzo
Butler (Mr. Rabbit), Wild Wooders Ens, Police Officer 2

Jeannie Amaya
Rabbit Footmen Ens, Otter Swim Club Ens, Squirrel Pit Crew Ens, Wild Wooders Ens, Dancing Mice Ens

Chief Weasel
Tristen Nelson

CCAA Appointed Understudy

CCAA Appointed Understudy

CCAA Alumnus Understudy

CCAA Alumnus Understudy
In Rehearsal Stand in: Shepard Emrich

Mrs. Otter
Jazlyn Diego

Lila Hostetler

Les Weasel/Sheryl Stoat
CCAA Alumnus Understudy

Swallow 1 / Horse
CCAA Alumnus Understudy

Swallow 3
Taleah Palacios
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