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Costume Pickup & Sale

We wanted to give anyone that paid for their costumes the opportunity to pick them up before we finish packing up everything to move to the new facility. The times for pickup will be:


          Wednesday (June 3) from 3:00 - 6:00

          Thursday (June 4) from 3:00 - 6:00


Due to our upcoming move this weekend and having to be at the new campus to work on construction, these will be the only times someone can be available for pickup. If you aren't available during these times, maybe you can ask someone to pick them up for you. Any unclaimed items will be donated somewhere since we can't move and store them when we leave this weekend. If you have not paid or only partially paid, you can bring final payment with you if you would like to get the costumes.


Please Note that the costumes are for dance only! Acting costumes are fee based and remain with Circle.


We will also have some extra costumes for sale at only $5 each if you have a child that likes to play dress up. Tell your friends to come grab a few things to add to their child's play dress up collection. These costumes are girl costumes only. There are actually a few really beautiful dresses that can be worn for dressier occasions.


I am sorry that we cannot store any of these costumes after Thursday due to the move to the new location.


Please spread the word and invite people to check out the costumes for sale.

A letter from Circle


I wanted to get back to you to let you know what our decision is concerning resumption of classes. After much research, debate and prayer we have very reluctantly decided to not proceed with classes at this point. It was a VERY hard decision since so many students wanted to return, but there weren't quite enough to make the classes and routines work. Some of the classes would have had to rework their whole routines to compensate for missing students and it could not have been accomplished in the amount of time remaining. There is also too much uncertainty concerning what our government will do and when they will do it going forward.

It really is a great disappointment to have to make this decision. We are not ones to give up or give in and we would have loved to restore some normalcy for the students that desire to come back. We believe it would have been healthy mentally and emotionally for them. But we have to be realistic about what can be accomplished.


Concerning Mary Poppins, we have had to also move that to the fall. I hope all the cast will return to class this fall, but understand if some cannot and will recast any parts that become vacant. Since we have no real idea when we will be able to gather in groups of 100 or more, we have to wait until we are able to do so in order to actually have an audience for our production.


We are really looking forward to making Circle an amazing experience going forward in the upcoming school year and we are beginning to revamp a few things to make it even better. Being in our own facility with our own stage is going to be so great and will allow us to plan out our year in advance and do even more!

So, watch for information which will be posted on the website for the coming year.


We have grown to love our students. Each one brings such a unique gift and makes Circle a wonderful place for creativity and we miss them. We look forward to seeing you again.


Lisa Estelle and the Circle staff


Be sure to follow us on social media - @explorecircle on Facebook and Instagram

Class and Showcase Update

Hi Everyone!

This has been a long stretch of being separated from each other, but I think that as we begin to come together again, the good that comes from it all will be grateful hearts for so many things we once took for granted.


Now that restrictions are beginning to ease, I wanted to contact everyone to let you know what we are thinking for Circle. We are considering opening up classes through May so students can do final prep for presenting a showcase at the beginning of June. Please note that since the shut down has also affected our work at our new building, we are still working on getting it ready. If all goes well with inspections, etc., we think we can be in at the beginning of June. However, if we have to wait on inspections for each step of construction, it could take a little longer to finally get our certificate of occupancy. Also, If larger groups still cannot meet by June, we will film a video showcase. We would just like to salvage all the work our students have done this past school year and give them an opportunity to present a program in person if restrictions have been lifted enough by that time.


Since most of our classes are 10 or less, we feel we could open it up again. We would, of course, take precautions such as sanitizing everything, etc., and for our few larger classes, we would distance into two groups. The lobby would be closed so parents would have to wait in vehicles. For our littlest classes, we would let one parent wait in the lobby with distancing. We do understand that some may not be comfortable with coming together yet and we understand. Some either have or live with someone who has a compromised immune system and we totally understand that coming together at this point might not be best for those students.


Concerning Mary Poppins, sadly, we have had to reschedule that for the fall since restrictions still don't allow a group that large to be together at once at this point except for churches. We will however, let our Teen and Elite actors each perform a monologue at showcase if they so wish.


We will be calling each of you over the next couple of days to see where you stand on this. Please feel free to say that it won't work for you if that is your situation. No pressure at all. We look forward to speaking with you!


Our dance teachers have recorded videos for each dance class which are now available. Tap 3 students will be sent a video to be downloaded via a transfer link. (Special thanks to all the teachers for taking the time to do these and to Cecily who edited and uploaded all the videos!)


Click on the Virtual Classes button at the top of this page. This will take you to a page where you can login and access the classes. A password has been emailed to you. As much as possible, students should do the workouts several times a week to stay in shape and to prepare in case we can still do showcase. Please let other students know that the classes are available in case someone doesn't know.


Youth Acting students, keep practicing your Velveteen Rabbit lines and working on your blocking. Your instructors will contact you soon to set up a virtual meeting to run through the play with you all.


Teen and Elite Acting, please keep running your lines, blocking, songs and practice your English accent.


Vocal students, practice your songs and vocal exercises.


For the other classes, if it is doable, the instructors either have already set up classes via Zoom or FaceTime or will contact you soon.

COVID-19 Update

I hope everyone is weathering this season of isolation well. I wanted to give you an update concerning Circle. As you know, while we have been on spring break things have changed and we have now had to curtail classes at least through the end of March, but maybe longer. I know they have now closed schools through the middle of April and that could, of course, change and be extended once again as this goes on.


We have been reviewing things daily and are considering a few different options to try to salvage all the work the students have done throughout the year. Resuming classes and rehearsals in a slightly adjusted way might be a possibility since most of our classes are either less than 10 or can be divided into two classes if over 10. (Students with compromised immune systems or who have someone in the family with health issues would be excused of course, since the well being of our students and families is the number one concern at this time.)  We are working to try to find a solution since we are committed to our year end performances if at all possible!


We do know that because we will be closed through at least the end of this month and probably longer, we will have to delay any performance dates. The shutdown has also affected our permitting and progress on the new building where the performances will take place, so this is also playing into our considerations. What I ask of each family, is to please look at your calendar from the middle of May through the end of June and send to me ( or contact page) any and all dates that will work for us to do performances. It is IMPERATIVE that ALL families do this for us as soon as possible! We will then analyze the data to see what the alternate possibilities are.


I also want to appeal to you to continue to support Circle through your payments through May, if you can. This will help us be able to pay the teachers who depend on it. You can mail a check to the address below or pay by clicking here (or the donate button at the top of this page.) I know there are some that are out of work or their business has been severely impacted, so please feel no pressure if you can not at this time. If any are able to make an additional donation to Circle to help cover those who can’t pay, it would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you so much for your understanding at this time. We love your children and are so blessed that you have entrusted us with some of their education and training! Please watch for more info via emails and this news page. We will let you know how we will proceed as soon as we know.


God bless you,

Lisa E

Please mail checks to:

7011 85th St Ct E

Bradenton FL 34202

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