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All of the information you need to know
for this year's Showcase in one place!

A Note to Parents,

We are very excited to show you how all the hard work your kids have been putting in this year has really paid off at our Showcase! Thank you all for the support and sacrifice you've put in to your children's education throughout this year.

Our green room monitors are all parents/instructors who are trained/experienced in assisting and monitoring students in the green room setting.
For the safety of all our students,
we ask that only students and authorized green room personnel remain backstage and in green rooms during shows except for extenuating circumstances where permission has been granted. You are welcome to come in and help your child get set up during dress rehearsals if need be. For details on how to access your child after drop off on show days, please consult our FAQ page below. There will be a steamer available for you in the hallway should any costumes need a last-minute touch up.

We welcome you to come and watch the dress rehearsal, but ask that you keep conversations in the lobby in order not to disturb the performers. We want to get everyone finished and on their way home at a reasonable hour each night!

We will be having professional photos taken of your students in costume on ___________ so please remember to bring their garment bag and all neccesary shoes/accesories.

And finally, don't forget to secure your seats and invite your family and friends!

A note for Duck Duck and Twinkle Stars,

Students will be dropped off at their assigned room in costume for their 'class party' before each show.

We ask that as soon as your child is done performing, please you make your way to their green room to pick them up so our instructors can be released to take care of their other classes.



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What to Bring

  • Your costume bag with everything in it

  • Clothes/Shoes to go home in. All costume items must remain in greens rooms until show (except Twinkle/Duck)


  • Dance Bag: All dance shoes, hair and makeup supplies for touch ups, any other needed items (label your name in ea. individual shoe / item)


  • Sealable water bottle and snack (no unsealed drink: ie. open mouth, can, or straw /food permitted in green rooms)


  • Cover up for eating/drinking.

  • Pack a dinner that can be eaten in the lobby.

  • Long skirt - if your student is unwilling to change in front of others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I access my child after I drop them off?

    • For safety reasons, we must require that only people with an access wristband be permitted backstage/in green rooms on show days. That said, depending on the situation, we have a few options for parents:

      Forgotten items can be dropped off at front desk and we will make sure to get it to your child.

      In the event that an individual student needs their parent in the green room with them to help with an emergency situation, the parent will be contacted and an access band will be made available for them at the front desk.

      For any other situation or request, please come to the front desk and our staff will be happy to assist you.

  • What happens if my child’s costume gets stained or otherwise damaged?

    • We have a few extra items to replace missing pieces. That said, it is critically important that students cover up while eating/drinking, stay away from water, and are careful in their costumes as we do not have replacements for everything. If a costume is damaged the student may not be permitted to perform. Thank you for helping us teach them to be responsible with their costumes and props!


  • If you have any further questions, please feel free to call or text our office phone: (941) 705-4748

Neon Ring Lights

Text / Call • ‭(941) 705-4748




1. For the safety of all our students, we require only authorized personnel (students, parents, authorized pickup persons, volunteers, etc.) are allowed in green rooms after initial setup at first dress rehearsal. Access wristband must be attained at lobby kiosk/office before you will be permitted backstage or in any green room. (This does not apply to Twinkle or Duck Duck.)

2. No one is allowed to leave Green Room without their parent or monitor, except for bathroom break paired with another student of same gender (must get permission from room monitor.)

3. Obey right away: all gophers, monitors, and teachers.

4. Must have cover up on at all times when eating or drinking including water.

5. Stage whispers only once show starts.

6. Blue tape must stay on costumes/shoes at all times.

7. Everything at your station goes back exactly how you found it. No messing with anyone else’s station/stuff.

8. Make sure your name is in ALL shoes. (No Tap Shoes for Curtain Call)

9. Help each other out!

10. Show kindness: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

11. No gum.

12. All drinks and snacks/food must be in a re-sealable container (no unsealed drink or food permitted in green room or backstage at any time. ie. open mouth, can, or straw)

Unsealed food will be confiscated.

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