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Check in here once a week to stay up-to-date on all
pertinent info for this year's musical.
Blue Washed Wall

Rehearsal Schedule

Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 7.52.09 PM.png

Fri, 5/10 - SHOW 1

3:45pm - ALL CALL

Sat, 5/11 - SHOW 2

3:45pm - ALL CALL

Mon, 3/13 - CAST PARTY 🥳

4:30-7pm - ALL CALL






Shows are not a day to "wing it." Please pack and check all costumes no later

than the day before the first dress rehearsal. Making a list of each character and respective costume, accessory, hairstyle, as needed to help them stay organized during the dress rehearsal and show.



Check for your child's first call time and if at all possible, plan to get them signed in 10-15 minutes before their call time so they can settle in and warm up their body. Contact an instructor with any questions before the day of rehearsal/show.


Check the list below to see what needs to be packed for rehearsal and show days.


  • Arrive already in hair and makeup.

  • No jewelry of any kind.

  • Nails must be trimmed to fingertip (ladies, clear nail polish only) for shows.



10-15 mins before call time if possible to help settle in and alleviate stress day of.


under porte-cochere or parents walk student in to lobby. No one is allowed outside without a parent or staff member with them.


at frint desk in lobby, then find assigned green room and place all labeled items at assigned station before heading back to lobby for warm up.


We will run our dress rehersals the same way we have done each full run up until now: students will be seated in auditorium to watch show and step into wings the scene before their entrance. No one will hang out in green rooms until show day.


On show day, everyone will remain in their assigned green room and clip off access wristbands when the monitor says. Again, everyone will need to be in the wings the number before they go on.

Access bands will be required for all students and approved volunteers.

No one without an access band will be allowed in green rooms/backstage on show days. For parents who need to access their child after drop off on show day, here is our protocol:


• Forgotten items can be dropped off at the lobby desk and we will get it to your kid.

• In the event that your student needs you to help with an emergency situation, you will be contacted and special permission will be granted for access at the front desk/backstage door.

For any other situation or request, please come to the front desk and we will be happy to assist you.


Parents and students are responsible for making sure each assigned green room station is properly organized according to our standards before leaving on rehearsal/show day. After final show, pack all labeled items and costume pieces and dance shoes in assigned garment bag and take it all home!



Our volunteer stagehands and green room monitors are truly gifts from Heaven. Please take a moment ahead of time and explain to your child how long rehearsal/show days can be and how students must listen and obey our volunteer staff right away since they are tasked with keeping everyone safe!


Calm begins with us adults. This can be a busy and stressful time of year, but the kids are watching us. If we all keep our volume and urgency levels low all week, everyone will have a better experience.


We have done this for over a decade and there is almost no challenge/problem that cannot be worked out. We know from previous parents in the program that once they got over the initial uncertainty (which we are here to help you navigate), they are able to enjoy each dress rehearsal and show!

If your child is on the verge of a meltdown (it does happen from time to time when nerves are involved), please find a quiet, private place to work it out.



Cameras taking pictures/videos (yes even smartphones) are very distracting for students during a show and a terrible annoyance to the audience members

sitting all around. If you would like to get candid shots of your students on stage,

we invite you to come during one of their dress rehearsals to snap a few shots/videos. Please refrain from photographing/videoing during the show.

When you get a great shot and share it online, please tag us to help drum up some last minute ticket sales! (@explore_circle)


If your child’s costume gets stained or otherwise damaged, don't panic.

Just contact their instructor ASAP for assistance. We DO NOT HAVE EXTRAS this year. So it is critically important that everyone covers up while eating/drinking, stays away from water and messy substances, and is very careful in costumes. If a costume is damaged beyond repair, the student may not be permitted to perform. Thank you for helping us teach responsibility for costumes and props!

Show Day


All brought items must be labeled with your name including each individual shoe.


Airtight water bottle

Snack and meal packed in seal-able container

• Hair / Makeup supplies as needed for touch ups

• Quiet activities for green room (review list of items which are allowed and not allowed in green room.)

if applicable:

Tap shoes

• Jazz boots

• Character shoes

All dance shoes will need to be left at station in green room after 1st dress rehearsal.

Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 5.35.52 PM.png



• Folder and pencil


• Homework accountability sheet

Airtight water bottle

Packed snack and lunch (fridge and microwave accessible)

if applicable

Tap shoes

• Jazz boots

• Character shoes


• Deodorant / brushed teed

• Lightweight shirt which covers entire chest, back, and midriff with arms lifted (shirts above the waistline must have a tank top that covers midriff area)

• Lightweight pants or shorts at least to mid-thigh length

• Closed toe shoes

Note: all clothing should be opaque, no low cut necklines. If you come out of dress code, we get to choose what you must wear over top of your outfit for class – mwahahahaa😼

Green Room Rules

1. For the safety of all our students, we require only authorized personnel (students, parents, authorized pickup persons, volunteers, etc.) are allowed in green rooms after initial setup at first dress rehearsal. Access wristband must be attained at lobby kiosk/office before you will be permitted backstage or in any green room. (This does not apply to Twinkle or Duck Duck.)

2. No one is allowed to leave Green Room without their parent or monitor, except for bathroom break paired with another student of same gender (must get permission from room monitor.)

3. Obey right away: all gophers, monitors, and teachers.

4. Must have cover up on at all times when eating or drinking including water.

5. Stage whispers only once show starts.

6. Blue tape must stay on costumes/shoes at all times.

7. Everything at your station goes back exactly how you found it. No messing with anyone else’s station/stuff.

8. Make sure your name is in EVERY shoe and item you bring. (No Tap Shoes for Curtain Call)

9. Help each other out!

10. Show kindness: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

11. No gum.

12. All drinks and snacks/food must be in a re-sealable container (no unsealed drink or food permitted in green room or backstage at any time. ie. open mouth, can, or straw)

Unsealed food will be confiscated.



Makeup: Basic Stage Makeup (Red lips) (Alice: pink lips)

Hair (no wig): Victorian Braided Hairstyle

Tap the red button below to see hairstyle ideas on Pinterest!

Late Victorian Triple Braided Tuck.jpg
Google Image Result for https __images_coplusk.net_project_images_192188_image_111035_2F20
Morweena (Poldark).jpg

Hair (with wig): Braids wrapped and pinned around hairline with pin curls if needed. (excellent tutorial below!)


Makeup: optional powder to cut shine

Hair: Slicked back out of face



Tickets are now open to the public! Please share in person and online with your family, friends, and neighbors so we can sell out these shows!


Created by King Doormouse (Abel)

"The way you practice is the way you'll perform."
- Mr. Randy

It's Practice Time, Ya'll!

Day 1-2

• Vocal exercises: ABC's, Long Tone, Dbl Scales / Accent

• Review all songs you've learned in rehearsal

• Run all dances you've learned in rehearsal (without singing)

• Review all lines you've memorized (listen to cue line without reading)

• Look over lines for next rehearsal

Day 3

• Vocal exercises: ABC's, Long Tone, Dbl Scales / Accent

• Review all songs/dances you've learned (practice singing and dancing together)

• Run & review and new lines with friend/family member

Day 4

• Vocal exercises: ABC's, Long Tone, Dbl Scales / Accent

• Review anything you don't feel 100% confident on

Rehearsal Days

• Write down where your character is coming from/going to

• Write out notes from rehearsal

• Review new lines/songs from rehearsal

Rest Day

• Don't neglect taking one day off a week to rest from work!

Parents, Practicing at home can be confusing, so we took the extra time to make a brief practice video to make it a little easier. Each student has a practice paper that they must ask you to sign each day so they can prove to you they are actually keeping up with their work and will honor their commitment to memorize all of their assigned material

by each off book deadline!

I know we are all busy and it can be difficult to fit a full practice everyday so here is a breakdown you can use to help your child schedule their

practice time:
(Use “Ideal” if they have enough time, and “next best” if they have a particularly crammed schedule.)

IDEAL • Practice all lines, songs, and dances 6 days a week.

NEXT BEST • Choose 1 or more scenes to practice each day so by the end of the week they have at least gone over everything assigned to them once. Soloists must do their absolute best to go over their assigned song(s) minimum once a day.


Red Flowers
Practice Video
Practice the above facial expressions looking at yourself in a mirror everyday.
Black & White

Quick Note: These digital script and piano/vocal book PDFs are the original, unedited versions - any edits made in your paper script will be applied in our rehearsals and any inappropriate lines/lyrics/songs will not be included in our production



Director • Mrs. G

Office Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-9pm

Call/Text • (941) 713-1931




Producer / Stage Manager • Mr. Chris

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 2pm-8pm / Sat 10-6pm

Call/Text • (941) 920-3262

Email •

Music Director • Ms. Lauren

Email •

white rabbit illustration.jpg

About The Show

Screenshot 2024-01-20 at 8.12.41 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 1.06.11 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 12.31.39 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 12.33.10 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 12.34.03 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 1.03.24 AM.png


Here are the links to buy your shoes for the show. Once you have them, start wearing them to practice so you can break them in and get used to doing your blocking/choreography in them.

Does not apply to Ainsley or Shepard.

Youth does not have to wear black jazz boots.

If they already have black jazz shoes,

they may wear those.



We will be performing a short dance number from our show “She’s The Queen - pt. 1”
to help promote and sell any last minute tickets that are still available at that time in
our annual Music Recital and SHOWCASE 2024.
Please text Mrs. G ASAP (941) 713-1931 to let confirm whether your student will be participating and which shows they are able to make.

Students: We will be performing this number off headset mics so be sure to practice projecting your voice with a big loud sound just like you have been every rehearsal!
Mrs. Lisa is currently on track for almost everyone’s costume to be ready or at least mostly finished in time for these promotional performances. That said, some of the more complicated ones such as Mock Turtle, Caterpillar, and possibly a few others may not be done in time. Should your costume not be ready in time, we will help make sure you have something to wear that matches the color palette of everyone else on stage.

PLEASE NOTE: If your parents are not sitting in the audience to watch a show, you may get permission from Mrs. G to leave after your promo number. Parents must come inside to pickup student in person if this is the case since our staff will be focused on safely executing the event and for safety no child is allowed outside unaccompanied by a trusted adult during a show.



Date: Sun, April 21

Call Time: 2:15pm

Venue: CCAA Main Stage (5512 26th St. W Bradenton, FL 34209)

What to do upon arrival:

• Sign in at kiosk in lobby

• Check to see which green room has your costume

• Place items at station in green room

• Change into costume


Dress Rehearsal • Sit in audience until it is time to go on stage.

Show Day • Wait in green room until it is time to go on stage.


Click here for details on what you are allowed to bring with you in the green rooms and any other info you'll need to know for Showcase:


OPTIONAL: Dress Rehearsal 1

Date: Tue, April 23

Call Time: 5:00pm

Est Wrap Time: 6:00pm

Venue: CCAA Main Stage (5512 26th St. W Bradenton, FL 34209)


Dress Rehearsal 2

Date: Thurs, April 25

Call Time: 5:00pm

Est Wrap Time: 7:30pm

Venue: CCAA Main Stage


Date: Fri, April 26

Call Time: 5:30pm

Venue: CCAA Main Stage



Date: Sat, April 27

Call Time: 12:30pm

Venue: CCAA Main Stage

Hair & Makeup


Hair: Slicked back out of face

Makeup: optional powder


Hair: low braid(s) or braided updo

Makeup: Basic stage makeup (red lipstick)

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